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I want to make a difference.
I want to make a difference in how you look at your self.
I want to make a difference in how you get dressed in the morning,
And undressed in the evening.
I want to make a difference in your everyday.
I want you to take your passion a little more seriously,
And look at your jewels a bit differently.
This is the purpose behind Jewels Of Passion.

~ Donna Marie ~

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My Seriously Sensual Collection is meant to entice the mind, the spirit and the soul of a woman. A woman who feels positive about herself, comfortable with her sexuality, is most appealing. A woman’s expression, her body language, is the greatest attractive factor of her beauty. Also called the “Lingerie of Jewelry”, they are erotic, in the feeling, worn with anything as they are with nothing. The passion within these designs is what I want every woman to capture, embracing each day with a little more passion, making every day just a bit more sensual. I want you to capture the passion and wear it throughout your day, reminding you just how beautiful you are.
After all, isn’t that what every woman wants and what every man truly wishes for?

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“A women of courage enters a room, and everyone is put at ease. There is something appealing in the way she walks and in the way she holds herself.”
~ Maya Angelou

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