Beauty, Grace & Style

Having experienced so many challenges in my life, time and again, these words are, absolutely, coming from personal experience. There are a few things I’ve learned for certain: 1. Life is WAY too short for the cheap stuff. 2. There are NO guarantees, regardless how much insurance coverage you think you’ve got. 3. God, most definitely, has a sense of humor.

To all those ladies out there that will listen…or should I say, read…If a man truly loves you, he’ll never tell you that you need to be smaller or your breasts need to be bigger. Surgery cannot implant a strong sense of self, any more than it can a personality. My favorite saying is “it’s not the size of the magic wand that brings the rabbit out of the hat, it’s all in whether or not you know the magic trick”. The magic trick, is to learn to work with that which you were given. Presentation is key, ask any great chef.

Take me, I have the body of a “stick man” drawing, pretty much. But, I’ve realized that when a woman of strength & courage enters a room, others are attracted, no matter what size she is. With all that you are and all that you know about yourself, find what it is that truly makes you feel beautiful, confident, or maybe even just a bit more passionate when you look at yourself, or into the mirror. Once you’ve found that, work on it, work with it, and implant a touch of that into every day. Sometimes, you may find it’s small, simple and workable. Be creative, be yourself, different or unique is even more wonderful.

I’ve grown up with a love of fashion, always asking for clothes for Christmas. I’ve always had a love for stones, rocks and crystals. I love dragons, fairies and energies, and yes, I believe they all exist. I believe in the magic of rainbows and the value of life, love and the pursuit. I know the feeling of a love gone deep. I’ve learned that love may not always appear happy, ever after, too.  My life was going through many changes and challenges. One day, I chose to treat myself, to make myself something special. Give myself a little “me” time.  I’ve always had a love for lingerie, but liked to wear mine, tastefully, in public. So, I decided to combine my loves into something different, something unique. This is what ignited the passion to create my longest designs, the “Lingerie of Jewelry” Collection. I fell in love, again.


I want every woman to be more appreciative of, and sensitive to, themselves. Allow yourself the right to be truly happy, no matter anyone’s opinion. Be the most beautiful version of yourself. Be your most sensual, in all you do, for yourself, your family, for the simple joy in life. This will, surely, make a difference in the lives of all those around you. I want you to believe and remember, Beauty truly does come from within. Grace is more than just a name. Style is an attitude. Wear them all the best way you know how, every day.

Although the most important thing a woman can wear is a strong sense of “self”, it’s also important to allow your persona to be its most confident, its most attractive. As women, we all know the special feeling get when we discover that “perfect” little black dress, a gorgeous piece of jewelry or those incredible shoes. We have a tendency, to save them for “special” occasions however. Personal experience has taught me the importance of embracing each day as a “special” day. Another day to look, into the eyes of my children. Another day to adore the value of friendship. Another day to share and feel love. I’ll take a “stick man” over a “hang man” any day…and I’ll welcome having gravity as my friend. So, do yourself a favor, pull those treasures out that make you feel so good, so beautiful. What are you saving them for? Allow yourself the right to make any day special. Perhaps, today, you’ll choose to include a little piece of Passion. I, for one, would be truly honored.



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